Young graphic designer Layla Gras raises Google as a religion

Stéphanie Thrt
Jan 7, 2019 · 2 min read

From Gmail to Google Maps, from Google Earth to Youtube, Google entity interfers in the daily life of numerous people throught the world. Its power seems infinite and immutable. Previously, apprentice at Toilet Paper studio, Layla Gras learned beside Maurizio Cattelan to figure the world with in hindsight and fun. In this perspective, she explored — as her graphic design diploma project — the link between religion, technology and pop culture. She came to wonder : does Google could be a religion ? Thus, she composed four books which plays with the divin company liberalism and its worship — fictitous or not. The first one, The Genesis, traces the beginnings of the multinational. Google iconography is shared with sequin-glitch filter, such as a contemporary interpretation of holy images. Second part of this modern Gospel, The Practice gives the indispensable codes for the faith practice : behaviours and prayers. It tells the clothes which make the believer : from the the green sleeve of the disciple (a simple user) till the blue collar of the pope (bosses and influencers from the company), passing by the red chasuble and the yellow stole. It gives also instruction manuel of starter pack. This later includes a chaplet shaped as a G, the key (USB) of the knowledge and the holy light : a phone charger. The third volume, The Thoism Book, paves the path of seven characters and prophets whom contributed to the accession and development of Google : a trendy YouTubeur, the Google’s image director, a stockholder… Following this way of thinking, Facebook, Instagram could also be religions… or not. The Review, last chapter, calls everything into question, to affirm that finally Google has nothing to do with religion. Devil more than God concerning the personnal data managment and exploitation, whose it is rumoure they would served to developp new cyborgs, the IT giant is not so orthodox. The road to hell is, it seems, paved with good intentions.

basically published in French in étapes 246


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