Finding and acquiring the first step in your UX career shouldn’t be so difficult

We have collectively met, interviewed, mentored, and presented to thousands of potential-rich individuals around the world in pursuit of a career in UX. In light of listening to their common challenges, we got stuck on two questions:

1. How might we help more people find and attain better first jobs in their UX careers?

2. How might we help quality UX-minded companies find more qualified candidates for their entry level positions and internships?

In focusing on the step from not hired to hired, we realized that there are tons of resources, opportunities, and expertise that could help the next generation of UX talent.

Making this essential knowledge accessible, as well as establishing a bridge between quality employers and industry vets with enthusiastic developing talent, is the problem and opportunity we’ve drawn a box around.

Step One is the community we’ve created, to help you start a better UX career.

We’re focused on three core groups of needs for aspiring designers, developers, researchers, and content specialists:

1. Resources

Shortcuts to the material and processes that matter most. Accelerate your knowledge and growth alongside your career.

2. Opportunities

Vetted roles from companies that have demonstrated experience with internship programs, or a track for junior teammates to grow and hit the ground running.

3. Support

A forum for fearless questions and feedback. Access to people you admire, and an open invitation to help one another.

Whether you’re exploring the idea of a UX career, preparing to graduate, or are actively applying for roles, we’d love for you to join our community, and hope you can find value and comfort in it.

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😬 We can’t do this ourselves

If you’re a UX-minded company, leader, hiring manager, or recruiter that would like to help develop and support the next generation of UX talent, we’d love to chat with you —

👋 The “we” at Step One is currently Travis Hines and Tom Creighton. We always welcome others that are passionate about giving back to the UX community. Reach out to us.