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December 2021 Investor Update (2021 Wrap Up)

This is the investor update we send to summarise our journey for 2021. We hope you enjoy! Any questions, comments feedback please reach out!

Hello Friends of Steppen!

December has come and gone and it’s now 2022… wow. We saw a bunch of companies posting on LinkedIn flexing what they had achieved for the year. We felt inspired and thought what a good opportunity to reflect back on the years that’s been.

It has been a monster year, our first year (and first of manyyyy 🚀🚀). We would like to thank everyone who have been involved in the Steppen journey.

Specifically we would like to thank:

Now let’s see what we did this year and then look to 2022 (which will be even more awesome, trust us 👀).

Our Year In Timeline 📖

Jan 21:

Feb 21:

May 21:

July 21:

September 21:

November 21:

December 21:

January 22:

Our Year In Numbers 📈

(Recall we have only been in market for just over half a year)

Our Year In an Awesome & Ugly 💫

(Usually we do good, bad and ugly and have 3 points for each — but we are spicing it up for the end of the year)


(We had to chuck in 4… it’s been an awesome year what can we say)

Awesome user acquisition

Great understanding of users (and now breakthrough in getting user information through using app)

Proven great team dynamics and strength as a co-founding team

Raised over 650k! of pre-seed funding

Ugly 🙅🏻‍♀️

We need more developers!!

There is still so much shit to clean up in the app

Not at PMF

Plans for 2022 🚀

Looking towards this year there is a lot we will achieve:

Yeah, it’s going to be epiccc. We are currently taking a little break until Jan 10th to refresh and prepare for what will be an even better year than 2021. We are excited to to kickstart the year with Startmate starting Jan 17th.

We don’t do this often but we are really proud of what we have achieved so far. We know we are only getting started. We still have so much to learn and grow. As both Jake and Cara say — ‘the exciting part is the exciting stuff is still ahead of us 🚀”

Until next month!

💖 Steppen Team



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