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Bringing the creator economy to fitness

How Did This Creator Focus Come About?

  • It’s hard to find the right creator for you (everyone’s fitness goals are unique)
  • Traditionally coaches have been a localised thing (the internet has changed this but in our opinion not fast enough…)
  • There is no great way for:
  • Coaches can also be very expensive (personally I don’t have a coach as I cannot afford one on my start up salary// lack of one I cannot justify spending $60 a session with a personal trainer) — so the price point needs to work for clients (people have different price points…)
Problems we are solving at Steppen from both a creator & user perspective

What This Means for Steppen

  • We offer fitness creators a great way to showcase themselves. For creators your Steppen profile is like your fitness LinkedIn. Your profile displays your coaching style and how you train your community, your social proof (client testimonials, ratings) and qualifications. We know content creation is time consuming that’s why our platform is built to make creating awesome workout content super fast.
  • We connect creators with fans — we help creators build community. It’s hard and time consuming to find clients. This is the #1 problem that creators face but no one is helping them with it. Most creator tools like Patreon, or in the fitness space — like Trainerise & Playbook, only help creators if they have a following. Most fitness creators don’t — they are the PTs in your local gym or the influencer just getting started. For these everyday fitness creators (who make up a large part of the creator economy) — existing tools don’t address their biggest problem, build community. At Steppen we supply the community. We have already proven ourselves extremely effective at getting people to download Steppen (200k+ downloads in about 9 months 🚀). These are users looking for guidance and a coach. We will be funnelling these users to the most relevant creator for them — providing our creators with an inbuilt community. Creator’s simply need to do what they do best — coach.
  • We connect fans to the best creator for them in a way that works for them. Our users are using TikTok & Instagram to complete workouts. Please try completing a timed ab workout on TikTok, flicking between TikTok, Spotify and your phone timer is no fun… We Gen Zers want fitness content — we want to achieve our fitness goals — TikTok & Instagram are failing at this (fair enough they are not fitness apps). Everyone is different we have super specific fitness goals, ways we like to workout and communicate. At Steppen we will offer access to hundreds of different creators ensuring we have the right one for you on a platform actually built for you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • We offer awesome coaching without the price tag while providing creators a reoccurring way to monetise their content. $60 per a training session is a bit pricey for lots of people (I’m one of those people). At the same time — PTs can quickly hit an income ceiling — there is only so many hours in a day. Steppen offers users a try before you buy option for creators — we will always have a bulk of our content which is free and accessible for all. As users build a relationship with a specific curate creator they convert to paying fans — they can pay a monthly subscription for ongoing online coaching, exclusive content or make a one off purchase of a workout program. So we allow our creators a clear way to convert their community into paying fans while offers users a price point that works for them. This is a scale game — more creators and more users — price users pay is not $60 a session but now a creator can scale to 1000+ users rather then 40 a week (overall more $$ for them).

Value Props

Next 9 Months For Us

  • Amazing content creation processes (in the works) 🏗️
  • Easy cross platform sharing (in the works) 💌
  • A strong funnel to connect fans with the most relevant fitness content creator ❤️
  • Tools for fitness creators to engage their community 🚀
  • Tools for content creators to monetise their community 🤑

& Beyond? 🚀



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