How ‘Christmas In July’ Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

You do not need an artificial timetable to trigger a need for improvement

Photo by Rhaúl V. Alva on Unsplash

If we can have Christmas in July, why not have New Year’s Eve any time of the year?

Christmas in July is a gimmick used extensively way back in the day when we didn’t celebrate everything all year long.

This was a way for retail stores to sell off Christmas items and make more room for new stock coming in the late part of the summer, including the early shipments of this year’s new Christmas offerings.

So, you would have a sale of winter items, Christmas-themed in particular, in June or July that would hopefully sell off the old inventory of decorations and keepsakes well out of season.

You get them for discounted prices, and if you are a real fan of the holiday, get a jump on your planning for Christmas six months early.

Now we rage over the need for stores to stock Halloween candy in the middle of August.

The real test of this classic sales tactics comes when you put it to use on a personal level. If you can set yourself up to get in the mood for a weird holiday thing months ahead of the date, why can’t you get yourself set up for a fresh start anything you get the notion for a fresh start?

Any time you want to start the resolution for improvement is a perfect time to make a resolution. Not just at the start of a new year, month, or week. Especially since we all know these resolutions have a hard time of lasting longer than the four weeks into January.

So, when is the best time to call for a resolution? Any time you want to. In July. In August. On December 15th instead of December 31st. Any time you are ready for a new start, just call for a new start. Then, get after it.

Your want for a reset does not need an artificial timetable. It just needs to be the time you are ready to get it started.

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