Core Principles of StepStone Engineering

Lena Hoff
2 min readMay 11, 2022


At StepStone Tech we work in an agile fashion. We plan for change and are constantly on the look for new growth opportunities. This comes with the following core principles of engineering at StepStone:

How we work

We trust in our employee’s expertise, skills, and ability to take decisions that ensure delivery of products that provide the best quality and value for our customers and the market. Team autonomy is therefore vital for our business. Our teams own their products and have end to end responsibility from building to running it.

We constantly develop our testing capabilities and tooling to enable our teams for rapid hypothesis testing and to excel at investing quickly on the path of maximum business value.

We also believe that metrics are important, but that there is more than metrics and therefore trust in our expertise, our past-experience, and our ability for critical thinking when taking decisions.

Learning & Development

Great innovations involve taking risk, facing challenges, and sometimes failing. We strive to create an environment of psychological safety with minimal fear of failure. Only then we can see challenges and setbacks as learning and growth opportunities that nurture our growth mindset.

With our chapter organisation and its job families we ensure clear individual career paths and enable our employees to grow their professional capabilities. Engineers at StepStone can spend up to 30% of their working hours for skill development, shaping our ways of working, and coaching/training of juniors.

Strong Tech Community

In StepStone engineers are allocated all over the world which provides us with a global inhouse network of engineering experts. We do our best to strengthen this network by facilitating in house innovation weeks and hackathons. To also ensure to not be wearing blinkers we strongly support Stepstone’s and our employee’s participation in local meet ups and global conferences.

Read more about the technologies we use or take an inside look at our organisation & processes. Interested in working at StepStone? Check out our careers page.