Green Coding — Earth Week 2022 @ StepStone

Green Coding — Earth Week 2022 @ StepStone

At StepStone, we take responsibility for our environment. StepStone is committed to achieving full carbon neutrality for all business activities by end of 2022. And to battle climate change we must all be part of this journey. That is why we organised “Earth Week” last week. We are totally thrilled that so many StepStoners were part of it — whether it’s Green Coding, our Bike Challenge or hands-on tips on sustainable living.

A main topic was around green coding with a lot of presentations, discussions and workshops.

Green coding means programming code that has minimal energy consumption. It is mainly about not wasting energy in a software development and server environment, which means a structural and behavioural focus. Within the structural focus you measure and reduce the energy related to code blocks while behavioural focus is more on the energy consumption of the users and developers.

Examples can be like turning down idle servers or building scaleable code which is consuming less processor load. You can also consider using specific programming languages such as Scala or Golang… if you can find uses cases where this makes sense…

What sounds so logical isn´t so easy in real live. A big discussion point we had was that our software engineers argued that good code in (all languages) is inherently ‘green’ because they enable high performance. But of course you will always find potential for improvement. The question is what is the right balance of invested time and saved energy? We will further investigate to find our way and our definition of green coding.

You would like to get some insights in our Green Coding Earth Week? Just have a look at the video:




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Thiemo Bubel

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