Flow of the day #2: Freshbooks signup

Here’s the second in a series of posts where we quickly review user flows from popular products and services. Today’s flow covers Freshbook’s signup flow. As always you can simply explore the flow yourself on StepTree.

See the full StepTree here

The Goal

Freshbooks wants small business owners to use Freshbooks for their accounting needs.

They have bought Google adwords “accounting for small business”, so they know their product is relevant to the people arriving at this landing page.

The message they have, “Accounting Software Made Easy” speaks to small business owners that are not experts in accounting and want something simple to help them out.

Establishing Trust

A huge part of your first impression is establishing your site as trustworthy. If a user arrives at a new site and feels like they don’t trust it (especially if credit card details or personal information is involved), they will not sign up.

Freshbooks does a great job of establishing trust in many ways. They’ve made it clear many people use their software. They show that they’ve been covered by large news publications. There are real testimonials included on the page. They also have their phone number on the site so you can reach a real person if you’re on the fence and have questions.

Interestingly, Freshbooks makes a good case for themselves just by establishing themselves as a trustworthy company. They have a single panel dedicated to features, but it is definitely outweighed by the space used to establish trust.

You can check out this analysis in StepTree here!