A Funny Thing Happened While Running in the Woods

It sounds like the beginning of an epic story involving UFOs, Yetis or banjos. The truth is that it just might…

Secrets of Running, The Comic Strip — #4 Zombies

Running is funny, especially when it hurts.

It took me a long time to learn that. If you learn to enjoy the act of running more than you focus on pure performance (or your weight, body shape, etc) it’s something you can continue to love your entire life. Personally, I’ve been running seriously off and on since I was fifteen years old.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

I have run with Florida alligators, poisonous California desert snakes, through walls of endless rain in redwood forests, a decade of sub-zero snow drifts, and the dirty streets of many cities. At some point I began re-imagining those experiences as comic strips, most likely in a feeble attempt to find the punchline for the phases of my life.

Sad. I know.

Secrets of Running — #3 Eyes

So toe the starting line and take the journey with me. I post at least two new, original comic strips each week at https://www.secretsofrunning.com. You’ll quickly find that even if you don’t like running, they are often about the life you didn’t know you were living. So… surprise? Running is the (ahem!) “running theme” of the jokes but in the end it’s all about a periodic smile in a miserable world.

Come on by…