Announcing the Remote Future Summit

Attend online for free June 5 to 8, 2018

When Iwo Szapar first contacted me about speaking at a conference about the future of remote work, my first thought was that it had better be held online otherwise it would be like holding a conference for polar bears in Las Vegas.

Of course it is.

The official word is that The Remote Future Summit is the largest online conference specifically about remote work. More than 30 top experts and influencers will share their best practices how to effectively tackle the remote revolution.

The summit’s agenda includes sessions for managers and employees as well as the Workshop Day and the entire event will be followed by a Report on Remote Work released together with Kantar TNS.

I’ll be speaking on the ins and outs of finding and landing a remote position in an office-oriented world. If this is a topic you are interested in, stay tuned for the date and time my talk is scheduled. If you are interested in other remote work topic, check out the schedule and agenda.

Remote work and running humor all in one place: