Running and Entrepreneurship Trumps Politics

Real runners and real entrepreneurs take responsibility for their successes and failures

The weirdest thing to come out of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings wasn’t the images of a privileged adult throwing a tantrum that a four year old would have been proud of, it was a feeling of pride.

I have never felt more proud of calling myself a runner and an entrepreneur after watching someone who holds power over other people’s lives blame everyone but themselves for their situation and failings.

When a runner worth their shorts DNFs* they don’t throw a hissy fit and loudly blame the race organizer, their families, friends and shoes for not finishing. They know how they got into that situation and who was responsible for it: themselves.

When an entrepreneur’s plans or next big idea fails to do more than drain their savings and pour acid on their dreams, they don’t scream at people for not buying their big idea or backing their plans. They identify, analyze and learn from their mistakes, so the next endeavor has a better chance at success.

Americans should expect the same fortitude and self-reflection from our judges and politicians. Those who sit over others have, by definition, power over themselves and responsibility for their own decisions and actions. Leaders lead, cowards blame.

Watching an elite judge lash out, whine, cry and blame everyone but himself for his situation brought a sneer of disgust to my face. For that reason alone I hope he DNFs in this race to the Supreme Court. As a person commanding respect, he’s already come in DFL*.

*DNF = D(id) N(ot) F(inish), a race acronym for those who toe’d the starting line, did what they could, but ultimately didn’t complete the race. “I DNF’d three times before I finished my first marathon.”

*DFL = D(ead) F(******) L(ast), a racing acronym for being the absolute last one to cross a finish line. Some runners wear it as a badge of courage and tenacity (“DFL? Who cares. I finished! No DNF for me.”) In Kavanaugh’s case, he’s near the tail end of another race — the human race.

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