The Remote Future Success Story

Yes, it really happened. I gave a speech and people really listened.

Look at that handsome guy!

As some of you know, I was a keynote speaker at the Remote Future Summit on June 6, 2018. It was a tremendous experience for me. I connected with countless others who are currently leaders in the world of remote work or interested in making remote work part of their lives and companies.

I also learned a lot, myself, about related areas of remote work that I have yet to experience plus numerous tips that will begin to infiltrate my writings going forward.

For the record, here are some interesting facts about the 2018 Remote Future Summit.

Number of participants: over 5,000
Number of countries: 105
Average number of videos watched per attendee: 8.5 (wow!)

I think those are pretty amazing numbers for something that was 100% online. Pulling this off was an amazing achievement and you can find out more about the team here. Next year will likely be much larger.

In case you missed it, you can watch my presentation on Locating and identifying the best remote jobs:

The most amazing part of the experience for me was the feedback I received. Frankly, I was blown away. Here are a few of the best comments:

Wow you came strong. Got me thinking for the process and onboarding in my own company (speaking as a CEO) and how it reflects on my reputation. Thank you for this wake up call.

This has been by far the most useful talk of the summit, it covers many subjects for someone looking to work remotely and it’s helpful also for people who are already working remotely.

Greg thanks. This are really good insights. I liked special the How to spot red flags about not truly remote companies. It makes all the difference of being successful on going remote.

Really great session!!! Even if I’m remote worker for a very long time in different types of environment, I heard very interesting tips!

This was the best! Smart, sharp, real world examples with plenty of resources. Excellent voice, sincere and a great example of giving back.

…of course, I also run my own remote work support webinar where a lot more help is available:

I also received a few really good questions during the presentation. If you are interested in answers to any of these, let me know in the comments. I will create an article for the ones that receive the most requests.

Q: Some companies on their openings page have an option that says to send resume if there is not a relevant position. do you think it´s a good idea to apply for a non-specific position?

Q: Do you also recommend using to try to contact the hiring manager and call them /email them before applying?

Q: As a remote hiring manager, should I skip the phone interview and go right to a video conference?

Q: You advised avoiding a remote work position for a company that isn’t completely remote. How much of the company should be working remotely before it’s less risky?

I am waiting to see what grows out of all of this and I want to thank all of the people who took the time to connect to me outside of the summit after watching my presentation. Some of your emails and messages had me punching the air.