What Does My Running Comic Strip Have to Do With Working Remotely?

Running and remote work are the two things I have done longest in my life. It’s time to stop taking them both so seriously.

Running Comic Strip #7 — Run From Home

Working remotely is a secret weapon in the fight for a healthier lifestyle.

With a good remote job, you can bend your work hours to fit the best times for exercise, hitting the gym, walking or heading out for a nice long run. You don’t need to wake up at 5am to get in some miles (unless you want to), eat lunch at your desk at 10am to make a noon yoga session or hit the gym at 9pm when the kids are in bed.

In a perfect remote work world, you can set up your schedule just so to allow for a mid-morning run, a mid-afternoon nap and, maybe, even an hour working beside a friend at a coffee shop. I have managed this trifecta on occasion and can at least arrange two of the three a couple of times a week.

Unfortunately, the real world isn’t as orderly as it should be, even when you are theoretically in control of your day. Deadlines, that you thought were okay yesterday, suddenly look menacing; bosses throw unexpected work at you, then slack you repeatedly until it’s done. And I can’t tell you the number of times I have been nearly out the door when a “quick question” from a colleague becomes a three-hour deep dive into a cornucopia of misery.

I have spent all day in my running clothes in anticipation of logging five miles of solitude that never materialized. What’s worse, as far as my family is concerned, is the number of times I have returned from a morning run then been hijacked into an all-day work crisis without a chance to shower or change. By the time they return home from school and work, the house smells like a rancid locker room and I am treated like a salt-encrusted leper. Fortunately, the dogs never seem to mind.

If you like running or just a good chuckle a couple of times a week, check out my running comic strip at https://www.secretsofrunning.com. I add new, original comic strips at least twice a week and they aren’t just for runners. Running is just a, well, “running” theme. For example…

Secrets of Running Comic — #1 Laws

I often throw in a few about working remotely. In my 13+ years of remote work, I have managed to find a few things to laugh at.