What is Stereo?

Current methods for storing and sharing in-progress audio are insecure and impossible to control.

Stereo was built so that musicians could store their audio in a way that is easy and secure. Stereo also allows for the artist to control their audio once shared.


Sending an MP3 via email or Dropbox is a problem. The second you hit “send”, your recipient has control to repost or retain it. What if you could still share audio but have the ability to change the audio or remove it completely after you’ve sent it?

Stereo uses a combination of versioned audio, collaborative permissions and high-quality, secured audio stream that update to your latest audio. Even though your audio changes, your listeners always have the latest. It’s easy to both share a secure stream of your audio and also to turn it off. This is what makes Stereo both unique and valuable to you, the artist.


We also store all your audio masters, in their original uploaded format. You can access those at anytime, from any device. You can also invite collaborators who can add audio into tracks on your behalf.

Welcome to Stereo. We aim to build the platform for audio for musicians. Take a moment and check us out here: