thought 57

Today was my birthday. I had a really good time playing board games with friends and got to use the really cool VR machine Duane, my friend had set up in his home.

Tonight was a really great night for me because it reminded me that I really did have friends in Salt Lake City. It was hard for me to point out specific friends I had for a really long time. Friends that I’m really happy to have. Tonight made me realize that I do have friends that I love and appreciate.

I think sometimes we can look at ourselves and feel like we don’t have anyone there. I’ve been a victim of this type of thinking. But if we truly examine our surroundings I think we’ll discover we are less alone than we really think.

I’m really thankful to all the great friends I have. As much as I say I’d love to get out of SLC, I’m grateful to the friends I have here.

stay tuned.

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