Happiness and Money

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These topics always get paired for some reason. Everyone’s heard the saying “money doesn’t bring you happy” And I would surmise that you convince yourself of the same thing. I think like most people, however, deep down inside we know there is something wrong with that statement; at least I think so. I think that statement should actually read

“happiness can bring you money”

The more I live on this rock we call earth, I realize that a majority of the wealthy among us tend to be happy. Like really freaking happy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that every rich dude out there is just beaming with joy but if you really think about it and you exclude movies, T.V. radio influencers etc, do the majority of the wealth people you know in real life seem happy? Or unhappy?

I would guess happy. But it’s NOT the money that got them there. I believe it’s the happiness. Ok maybe you’re born rich, but thats different.

We tend to want happiness in our lives and those who carry that spark we all desire with them seem to influence, in a big way, those around them. They end up unintentional leaders, progressive thinkers, and animated actors. They are just so freaking happy not to be noticed.

If you’re one of those that pokes fun of someone for being “too happy” maybe start thinking instead “how can I be that happy?” because there has never, and will never but such thing as “too happy” unless of course, you’re an evil villain laughing after a taken over world crumbles beneath you. tehe

So, if you can carry happiness with you, no matter where you go, who knows how far that will take you. Have the goal being the happiest person in your group of friends or work. That will make you more money in the long run and plus, you’ll have way more fun.

stay tuned.

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