How Much Are You Worth

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When I was 18 years old, I took a job delivering pizza for Dominos. It seemed liked a good job because I could make north of 11 dollars an hour via tips and got to listen to cool music most of the time while driving my car, not bad.

It was working this job that I found myself delivering a single pizza, worth about $10, to a giant mansion. As I arrived there were actually 3 or 4 four-wheelers parked on the grass next to a huge fountain shooting water in the middle of a round circle driveway.

I rang the doorbell and a very pleasant chime let the occupants know I was there. I heard a “come in” and proceeded to open the door and let them know their pizza had arrived.

“Of course!” A middle 30’s looking gentleman said as he greeted me

“Put the pizza down on the table”

I put the pizza on the table and proceeded to give him the receipt with a pen so he could sign and hopefully leave me a tip.

“And how much would you like as a tip?” he asked.

“How much?” I said reluctantly

“Yes, how much would you like for a tip?”

“Oh, I don’t know $5 dollars is a great tip sir, that would be nice” I said

“Oh now, common, how much do you really want?” he said, almost jokingly

“Um… fifty dollars?” I said half expecting to be throw out of the house.

“Ok, $50” he said “But you should have asked for more!” as he wrote down for a $50 dollar tip.

I’ll always remember that lesson. What if I would have asked for $100, $500 or even $5000. Would he have given it to me? What harm would it be to just ask? How rich was this guy anyway?

It was this very simple but important lesson that taught me that I should always ask for what I think I’m worth. Many times we short change ourselves but that’s a lie. Ask a fair price but be fair to yourself too. You’d be surprised what you are really worth and you don’t want to live with the question “I wonder what would have happened had I asked for more”.

stay tuned.

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