How To Be Yourself

thought 16

There is a lot of information out there about how a “super successful” people act. Maybe that’s why so many people think self-help books are so silly. Tell me what to do eh? Yeah right!

And you know what? They’re right. Why should someone else tell you what to do? How to behave? It’s about perception actually.

If you look a little further, through the convoluted idiosyncrasies of books like Getting Things Done you’ll see principles that will give you results, whether they’re good or bad. It’s living a life with principle driven behavior.

Imagine a really old man, maybe of English or Scottish descent with a cigar in his mouth yelling at his reckless son saying

“It’s the principle of the matter my boy, the principle!”

But here is the gold at the end of the rainbow you’ve been searching for. You and no one else gets to decide the principles you’re going to live by. We are all shoppers in the weird existence we’ve labeled life, deciding which principles we’ll live by. Don’t want to live by any principles? No problem! Well sort of, because that’s actually a principle in itself. However living liek that has all sorts of its own consequences but you get the choice to do it!

So you probably already knew all of that. I get it. This whole article is basically stating the obvious, which is we get to live our life the way we want, but here is the cool part. Principles are beyond genetics and upbringing. Yes, we have scripts given to us by environment but they can be throw out and re-written. Pretty cool eh? I call this being yourself. I know, great title.

stay tuned.