How To Talk To A Depressed Person

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Before I begin tonight’s article, let me just say my experience is mine. I know everyone is different and so this might not apply. I also know that being a human, there are many people out there like me that can relate. This article is for both of those types of people since I think it can help the listener and the depressed.

Like most people, I can have some pretty down days. I get mildly depressed when things aren’t going right. I think this is normal and natural. Some times, however, I get really depressed and find it hard, if near impossible to leave my bed. I’ll sleep for two days or more leaving on occasion to use the bathroom. Food, of course, isn’t even a priority.

During those times I can sometimes reach out to a friend or family to try and talk my way out of my slump. It isn’t my problems I really want to talk about, however, its alway something else I can’t describe.

The other night I had a friend ask me “what do you want me to do?” while chatting with her in one of these slumps. It was a really good question. A question I realized I didn’t have the answer to. Kind of lame to have the answer to that question.

For me, the real answer was to listen. Actively listen and don’t try to figure out why the other person is depressed. There is nothing worst as a depressed person than for someone else to try and figure out why you are depressed.

Why is that?

The reason is because there is no real good reason to be depressed. It’s a bad mental trick we do to ourselves that has no logic behind it. Even when things are not looking up, there is always good to consider, happy music to listen to and joy to be found.

By listening and not mentioning depression, it shifts the focus from what is wrong to what is right. Moreso, it can cause the depressed person to forget why they were depressed and pull themselves out of their slump.

Just a few thought on my experience.

stay tuned.