thought 75

I recently started playing Pathfinder. We’ll almost started; we had the initial meeting with the group and our DM (Dungeon Master). I’m super excited about the next little adventure.

I played D&D once upon a time and have always wanted to get into Pathfinder. What’s the difference? Here is the short story.

Back in the day, D&D ruled all role playing fantasies. They came out with version 1, 2, 3 and then 3.5 About this time, a decision was made to open the world to other book creators. The actual D&D company didn’t like having competition so created their own version of the game, 4, that wasn’t compatible with the previous versions.

A large segment of these role playing fantasy followers was angry, including employee’s, and created their own branch of the 3.5 edition which remained compatible. One of these branches was called Pathfinder.

Now I know my history is most likely off a little but now at least you have a semi-accurate explanation of the difference between Pathfinder and D&D.

I’m excited to be playing role playing games again because it reminds me how pleasure really is just our mind telling us things. Pathfinder gives you the ability to live in a world with unlimited possibilities today with your friends. It’s possibly the greatest game ever invented.

It’s also fantastic because it costs nothing to play. All of the resources are available for free online. Incredible.

If you’re looking to push your imagination to the next level, check out Pathfinder. It’s really cool.

stay tuned.