That one time I went to the Philippines and met Nas Daily

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I recently went to the Philippines; well, two months ago actually. I’ve been here doing due diligence for a small tech startup I founded and during that process found myself at Kickstart; a business incubator. While there, I heard a speaker, some dude from the USA named Nuseir that quit his fancy job in New York to travel the world creating daily 1-minute videos under the name “Nas Daily”

He inspired me. In his talk, he mentioned his experience making videos every day for nearly a year. In particular, he talked about how important doing small, quick, repetitive tasks will improve your skills than trying to create that one really great piece of work. This reminded me of the “J” curve, which basically means if you do a lot of stuff, more than anyone else, you’ll at some point become the best and stand out.

He also touched on his version of branding with repetition and authenticity at the core of the value proposition he provides to his viewers. Amazingly, he only posts videos on Facebook because the sharing mechanics are so good as well as it keeps him honest with this content. He can’t just ride the wave of YouTube and make shitty videos for a few weeks. If he ever has a video that sucks, he doesn’t get the views or likes. He must make a good video every day or else.

And then we decided to go out and party…

Yeah, so that happened. Nas wanted to make a video about Manila nightlife and so I found myself with this Facebook celebrity, basically helping him do lighting and filming for his 1-minute video for the night. I specifically remember thinking “Man, how is he going to edit his video in time” since he had a 7 am deadline and we left the clubs around 5:30 am. Well, he did and sure enough the next morning, a fresh new video 1-minute video was out. This one actually

Video created an edited by Nas Daily

I wasn’t in the video but it was fun to see him operate. His complete and total dedication to getting a high-quality 1-minute video out was almost addicting. I found myself wanting to help him get his video done. It was like some type of cause or purpose bigger than himself. He was obsessed. It was alluring none the less.

So this is what I’m doing. I want to be better at writing, so following his example, I’ll be writing short 2 minute thoughts, every day. A two-minute read should be about 500 words and is perfect because I have things to do, money to make and worlds to conquer but enjoy getting my thoughts out. So this is my first thought. Hi, world.

and now you know. stay tuned.