The Answer

thought 42

Given this is my 42'nd thought, I’d like to answer the long age old question of

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

To answer this deep, age old question, we need to examine our soul. It’s a multiple question approach that starts with answering this question.

Who are you?

Meditation helps a lot with this question. Understanding who you are is the single most important pursuit you can embark on. It’s your oddesy. Never give up until you understand the question so clearly that you doubt nothing.

If you had a map that charts a course to the answer “the mean of life” question, understanding who you are would be your starting point but thats just the starting point.

Where the treasure lay’s dormant, the “x marks the spot” can be represented by this question

Why and what do I want to accomplish?

Of course this question has no meaning until you first understand who you are. Just like knowing where you want to go doesn’t matter unless you understand your starting point.

The dotted lines representing your path are just there to help you get to your destination. They are how you are getting there. These dotted lines are never in a straight line but should constantly be moving towards your destination.

How here is a dirty little trick that nobody mentions in self-help 101. Your target goal is most likely going to constantly change. That’s why were are always told to “enjoy the journey” and other bullshit.

Going one step further, your starting point is constantly changing as well. This is one hell of a map! Not only that, but your starting and end goal actually are the same thing. Now put this map on a plane the represents a piece of paper an fold that paper in half. When you see that your start and end points are the same, poking a hole through the paper, instead of taking “the journey” gets you to your destination instantly because you were always already there.

Where you’re going and who you are is constantly changing yet this pair seems to always be the same. Your destination and starting point are actually the same thing and there really isn’t a “journey”. Ok that’s getting deep but hopefully you can visualize what I’m saying.

This whole map in my mind represents the answer to “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything” question. It’s not one thing, it’s a series of questions, answer and constant moving parts which make it difficult for most people to see the answer to that question because that answer is constantly changing and will be different depending on the timeline you look at your map on.

Once you understand that everything will always change, nothing stays the same forever, you’ll understand why we look to unchanging things as divine, like God. Because we mortals are ever changing and super confused by all of this.

stay tuned.