The Circle

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I wasn’t able to focus that great today so decided to take a mental break and watch a movie, you know like in a theater.

I should warn my readers, some of the details might spoil this movie so if you plan on watching it, you may want to stop read now.

I watched a movie called The Circle. In this semi-dystopian world, Mae, the main character, starts a job at what seems to be a kind of Apple meets Facebook company. In fact, even the CEO seems like a mix between Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs.

Circle, the giant company that Mae joins, has the soul purpose of connecting everyone by making all of their private lives public. They even go as far as to want to require everyone in the government to be forced to use the system for voting. They accomplish this by putting cameras everywhere.

Now, while this seems pretty silly, we are almost there today. The idea that if we are all public then there can be no secrets is true but in a frightening way.

By the end of the movie, the owners of the company are forced to also share all of their secrets which then exposes their diabolical plan. It’s almost ironic that the same tool they were inventing to enslave the world is the same tool that ends up freeing it.

While I believe strongly in privacy, I do wonder what would happen if those who force transparency or at least promote it would live by the same standard and allow the world to see what they do behind closed doors.

stay tuned.

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