Trash Cans

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As you might already know, I’m staying in the bay area with a friend while doing some interviews. One of the things I’ve noticed that is different here are the trash cans. Specifically the trash can sizes.

What I noticed is that the black trash cans you put outside for the trash truck are very small. The blue cans are much larger and the green is even bigger.

This through me off at first. Why would they have different size trash cans? Wouldn’t that just make collecting trash harder?

After putting some thought into it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Black trash cans go to large landfills. In places around the bay area, as you might already know, there isn’t a whole lot of extra room.

If you only have a small amount of space in your black trashcan, you’re naturally forced to put as much as you can into your blue or green bins. Blue bins are used for recycling thus this encourages homes to recycle naturally.

I was also told that they charge more for a larger black bin. This all makes sense from a place that has very smart people.

This trashcan concept has made me think about how systems, built correctly, can encourage people to do something without forcing them. Morality doesn’t matter at this point, it’s the system’s guidelines.

Like the government we live in or society we participate in. We all use the system to lean on. What things do we do because the system encourages is? Are these things moral? Or just convenient.

stay tuned.

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