What I want to teach my daughter about her right to vote

I posted this on my personal facebook page but I thought it would be relevant here.

This is from an era not too distant past.
Where men held all positions and the women had a place. At one time they were demonized and ridiculed for wanting to have an equal say.
Turns out THEY can run corporations, defend our country every bit as well as men and still do it for less pay while STILL handling business at home for many lazy men. Yeah I said it. If you get pissed at that then get off your ass and help the women in your life. You parent their child and they aren’t your slave. Do not belittle the minority voice, it will eventually OUTVOICE you. Change is imminent. Look around, the minority and many in your majority feel the same struggle even if the color of their skin is different.

Just look at those posters. Makes me sick. There’s old world thinkers speaking loudly right now and using similar fear mongering tactics today. Thing is to recognize it by changing the subject from only women to include minorities, immigrants, progressive thinkers and religious beliefs not of christian origin. Pick one. I bet you’ve seen it within the last few hours.

The fear of losing some fictional piece of a limited pie…SMH. As a society are we really led by the nose so easily? Are you so easily swayed by watching and socializing with only like minded individuals. If nobody you know is disagreeing with you then Wake up and broaden your horizons.

You can vote any way you chose. Hell, go vote split ticket to limit the power. Just make sure you vote your conscience and not by party or what your neighbor thinks. Do some research on more sites than . Search your heart and do what helps create a better place for the next generation.

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