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Website Security Analysis From Krohn Media

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Making sure your website is secure is an absolute must if you want to keep building your online presence, protecting your customers/clients, and ultimately growing your business.

Our web security experts can perform a comprehensive audit on your site.

Are hackers stealing your most valuable information? The likelihood that your website is currently vulnerable to hackers and viruses is alarmingly higher than you may realize. What you need is website security analysis testing with Krohn Media. We protect your website by:

Preventing the infiltration of your site’s E-commerce databases

Guarding the health of your website code and physical security by running routine security updates that abide by industry standards

Analyzing exploitable vulnerabilities with detailed findings and provide immediate cleanup assistance.

Krohn Media




We restore websites by renovating security, performance, and search engine optimization.

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Steven Krohn

Steven Krohn

Brand Ambassador at Phoenix Initiative, Chief Advisor at RYI Unity

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