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Passion and Purpose

There’s an idea out there called ‘finding your purpose’. It’s an idea that I’ve thought and wondered about for a long time. What does it mean? Where does one look to find one’s purpose? People also say that life is not about finding your purpose but ‘to live with purpose’. Again though, what does this mean?… To live with purpose?

I also want to bring up the idea of passion with the idea of purpose because these terms seem to be related, at least in conversation, when people discuss these terms. One example may be that in order to find your ‘purpose’ you must look for and find your ‘passion’. These ideas can maybe seem idealistic and that only ‘lucky’ people ever find their ‘passion’ and get to live out there purpose. People grow up and become ‘realistic’ about what can and cannot be achieved. People learn to tuck away their passions, purpose and dreams and ‘grow up’ because you have to get a ‘job’ and ‘make a living’.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize. In order to discuss passion and purpose you need to consider your life. Okay, so what about life? Life is a journey. What is the purpose of life? To me, it is a journey back to ourselves; a journey of self-discovery. You see, as kids we have all of these hopes and dreams for our future. We’re endlessly creative and over time the above happens and we need to ‘grow up’. We lose sight of the things that fill us with passion and purpose. These are the skills, abilities, interests, knowledge, and skills that fill us with so much passion and purpose. These are the gifts that make us who we are. When we connect with these gifts and live from them in everything that we do we will find the ultimate success and satisfaction in our lives.

Don’t limit what you can accomplish in your life. Make sure you determine your goals and possibilities for your life. Reconnect with the passion, the fire, that’s inside of you and live from there.

As always, in everything we do, Strive To Optimize!




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Mike Orsini

Life’s about exploring what you’re capable of, then going further. @StickToYourCore