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Stick To Your Core

Whatever It Takes

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These three words are powerful. They say a lot about a person who exemplifies them. They say a lot about what you believe. They say a lot about your will, your desire.

If these three words are not part of a goal you have for yourself you’ll fail before you start. You simply won’t make it. Doing whatever it takes demonstrates commitment; it demonstrates your willingness and your desire and especially your belief in yourself. You have to believe in the possibility of the outcome you say you want.

BUT, none of that means absolutely anything if you don’t follow it up with one essential ingredient: action. All the belief in the world won’t help you achieve something unless you follow it up with massive amount of action.

To achieve an outcome there’s going to be work, HARD work, it may not be easy, you may face challenges, you may face resistance, but no matter what you cannot give up; no matter what you cannot back down; no matter what you must keep going and creatively solve any situation that stands in your way of getting to that goal.

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Mike Orsini

Mike Orsini

Life’s about exploring what you’re capable of, then going further. @StickToYourCore

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