10 Things Megan Did

Why can’t you be more like Megan?

Made the honor roll

I ran into Megan’s mom at the Stop and Shop. She told me that Megan made honor roll every quarter last year. Isn’t that funny? I always knew she was smart, but I never knew she was that smart.

But come to think about it, she always brought a book to soccer practice.

Didn’t she always bring a book to soccer practice? She was always early and she was always reading before soccer practice. She’s a reader, that Megan!

You looked two looked so cute in those uniforms. Why don’t you hang out anymore?

Babysat for the Chanskys AND the Lunds

I heard she’s saving up to go to one of those summer programs at the college. Maybe a drama camp. She’s so creative! She was understudy for Belle in Beauty and the Beast last year, wasn’t she? At the community theater? She was so good with the kids on set. I think they reached out and asked her to babysit, the Chanskys. And then word just got around. You can make good money doing that, you know.

She charges $5 an hour and she does it three nights a week. And usually she just puts the kids to bed and does her homework. She gets all her homework all done on time and she gets paid to do it. Why don’t you call someone up and start babysitting? No, not the Lunds. They’ve got Megan. She’s all they need.

You’ll have to find someone else.

Cut her hair and donated it to charity

Did you see her yet? Megan cut off all her hair and donated it to charity.

It was lovely and long and curly and she went to the hairdresser. She just pulled it up in a ponytail and she asked her mom, “mom, will you take me to the salon?” Then they hopped in the car and drove to the Curlz and the stylist just lopped it off and gave it to her in a ziplock bag. Then she and her mom drove to the post office and they said to the clerk. “excuse us, we’re sending this off to charity.” Then, they just boxed it up and sent it out! Just like that!

No, not to Locks of Love. To the other one. Megan said she heard on the radio that Locks of Love didn’t have good business practices. She did her research. She cares so much! She wants it to go to a needy child.

Think of it! All her beautiful curly hair on the head of some child with cancer. She’s going to make that child so happy. And you know what? She looks great. She looks great. All grown up with the short curly hair. Sometimes she wears it back in headbands, and it’s long enough that she can still put it up if she needs to.

Became a camp counselor

Megan signed up all the way back in January and she applied for the job and they just loved her.

Weren’t you both campers there in middle school?

I wonder if the counselors would have remembered you. Megan’s mom said they remembered her. And then she said — I can’t remember — she said Megan said something so funny and then they said, “oh. that’s our Megan. Oh, we remember you. You were trouble!” But not in the bad way. She is such a card. A card!

Looked great in a one-piece in those pictures

Go see Megan’s mom on the patio, honey. She’s got these great pictures of their family reunion last week. Megan looks so sophisticated. You can tell she’s a natural swimmer.

Got a boyfriend

Todd’s going to Duke in the fall. Isn’t that wonderful?

Studied Abroad

I ran into Megan’s mom at church and she said Megan is going to Paris in the spring.

I had no idea she spoke French but apparently she’d been studying it since high school? I didn’t even know that was a language option at school! Didn’t you take Spanish? Anyway, she said they went on a family trip to Quebec over Thanksgiving, and they were at the hotel, and they were in the lobby trying to decide where to go and they were talking to the concierge and all of the sudden Megan just started talking a mile a minute in perfect French! Imagine if you did that! We’d be so shocked, we’d be like, ah! Our little debutante!

She bought this guide book and she’d already got her passport so there really isn’t that much paperwork. Her mom says they’re just allowed one suitcase for all their winter clothes and spring clothes, but Megan packs so well. She’s going to be studying at… oh, I can’t remember the name of the school… but she’s going with all her little girlfriends. And they’re going to take all sorts of weekend trips across Europe on the weekends. They’re going to have such a time!

Went to nursing school

I ran into Megan at the polls today and she had come straight from work, she was so out of breath, but of course you have to vote so of course she came and she hadn’t even had dinner yet. And she was wearing these hospital scrubs. And I sort of looked at her, like what?

And she said, “oh, I’m a nurse now. I just finished nursing school. I’m going to be a nurse practitioner.”

And I said! Well! I guess I knew that, but I’d forgotten. And I said nurses are not appreciated in our society. Not at all. And she just said, “oh!” “Oh, well, I don’t know about that!” she said. “It’s just a job, but I do love what I do!”

But it’s more than that! She was always so good with people, though, Megan. She cares so much. She just cares. She was so busy at the hospital, still in her scrubs, and she still took time to vote. And she of course asked how you were doing, and your job search. How is that going, by the way? Have you thought about going back to school?

Didn’t go on a diet and still kept her beautiful figure

I don’t mean to bring up the point again, dear, but I ran into Megan and her mom at the Dunkin Donuts, and Megan was getting a latte with two percent milk and a doughnut, and I asked about it, and she said it’s important to treat yourself. She eats sugar and gluten and all that and she feels totally fine.

She eats like a normal young girl, is all I’m saying.

She’s a health-care professional and she eats whatever she wants and she keeps her figure. Just something to think about. “Everything in moderation” is her motto and frankly, my motto, too. Have you thought about doing that? About just eating a little bit less of everything. I bet you’ll feel fresh. Megan’s skin was glowing.

You know I asked her what her secret was and she told me sunshine and exercise. It’s how she keeps her spirits up, too. She’s never been depressed or had anxiety and she gets everything done. I’ve never heard her mother mention anything like that. She never has anything but a smile on her face. Just something to think about.

Grew her hair long again

It’s been so short for all these years, I forgot hot beautiful it looked long! She’s growing it out for her wedding. It’s on her face book profile. Doesn’t she look elegant?