Introducing Kudos on StickerPop

We just launched a new feature to facilitate positivity in StickerPop. Give your first kudos here.

As we continue to roll out social features to accompany collecting in StickerPop, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make sure our social features don’t lead to a negative community in our app. That’s why we’ve decided to end the concept of “Pokes” in StickerPop and have renamed them “Kudos.”

You can now go to the profile of anyone in StickerPop and tell them that you love their sticker collection or selfie stickers. Just tap the thumbs up and the person will get a notification that says: “@username just gave you kudos!” The goal of this feature is simply to make it easy for you to make other people in our app smile.

Ultimately, this feature should help facilitate a positive bond between everybody in the StickerPop community. At face value, it looks like a simple feature — but we genuinely believe that positive affirmations on StickerPop will create real, meaningful, and positive connections in our community.

Crafting a positive community

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how we need to make sure are crafting a positive community. This largely stems from me watching our biggest competitor leaving negativity unchecked. Leaving negativity unchecked ultimately has a detrimental effect on any community — so we’re making it almost impossible to be negative in our app. We’re making sure we design every feature with positivity and fun in mind.

The two primary ways we are crafting a positive community:

  1. We are establish clear community rules. By introducing features, such as Kudos, that make it dead-simple to be kind and compliment other users, we are instantly teaching our users that this is a positive space. We set to teach rules and community expectation via product, rather than having a clear list of rules written out. A lot of bad behavior can be stopped before it starts by simply backing positivity into features.
  2. Listening to our community. The most important thing we can do to make a positive community is to listen to our communities. Listening closely means we can identify, address, and also avoid issues before they have a chance to escalate into something that damages the positivity inside of StickerPop. We will also never ignore complaints or frustrations from our community members. Ignoring upset community members will make issues grow worse, which will instantly turn our positive community negative.

Let’s have some fun

In celebration of the new Kudos feature, I invite you to please find me on StickerPop (I’m @alex) and send me a Kudos. I’ll check out your collection and make sure to give you a Kudos back. 👍😋

Try Kudos on StickerPop here.

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