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First Stickers NFT Sold for 15,000 USDT On OpenNFT

The first NFT ‘Iron Mars Doge’ is sold on OpenNFT at a value of 15,000 USDT and the buyer got a digital file as his/her/their assets that he/she/they bought.

This artwork comes from a Stickers artist Wendi, the founder of the ZUI design art studio. In 2013, he obtained the design professional certificate of the Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts, the Central Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, and the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

The advent of ‘Iron Mars Doge’ ignited the entire NFT market and aroused strong attention from many Dogecoin communities, as ‘Iron Mars Doge’ has the theme that is clearly related to the ‘Iron Man’ Elon Musk, his Mars project, and Dogecoin that he strongly endorses.

This not only reflects the market’s high enthusiasm for ‘Iron Mars Doge’ NFT artwork, but also shows that the community shares the consensus of rarity and preciousness of ‘Iron Mars Doge’. Everyone is willing to spend money while enjoying the spiritual satisfaction brought by artworks. By participating in the trade of NFTs, users can explore the most exciting value consensus in NFTs.

The real value of NFT artworks is derived from the consensus of the community, The price of ‘Iron Mars Doge’ is the result of market behaviour, and in the near future, with the entire NFT industry constantly evolving and developing, along with the support of more main chains, the value of Stickers’ NFT artworks will only be higher.

NFTs became more popular this year than in the previous years. Many companies were trying to figure them out for everyone to use, but it was not getting much attention. Recently, many big companies have started doing digital asset transactions using NFTs and they are being sold in millions of dollars. Somehow, people would think that they are being overpriced and in terms of unique art pieces, it is being speculated that duplicates and non-original pieces are being sold via NFTs at high prices which can sabotage the

credibility of the artists. Many also think that NFTs are being overhyped, and it would fade away in the coming years as the auction prices are way out of the range of everyone’s budget.

As the Stickers platform is an NFT platform and cross-chain DeFi project and it provides a wide range of services to users and artists. It is built on the Metaverse ETP public chain and will be launched on BSC in June.

To elaborate, Stickers is a product developed by the core team of the Metaverse community. Since its establishment in 2016, the team has launched various DeFi projects, public chains, exchanges and other projects.

The team is spread across Europe and Asia, and the R&D department teams are located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Vietnam and Canada. At the same time, it is an important part of the GeneFinance ecosystem. GeneFinance is a DeFi cross-chain ecosystem built on the Metaverse Ecological Foundation. Metaverse, on the other hand, is a public chain that serves the security of digital assets and digital identities. The public chain contains applications such as cross-chain ecology and DeFi projects. Stickers are the first NFT ecology layout in Gene Finance, and more new NFT projects will be added to the ecology in the near future.

The main goal of creating this platform, or even this ecology, is to facilitate the users so that they can actively participate in the NFT browsing, collection, and auction via Stickers platform. As the audience is getting larger for the NFT auctions specifically for artworks, it would be more helpful for both buyers and sellers via Stickers. There are many other features of the Stickers platform such as Acceleration Cards that holds six categories from Normal (N) to Ultra Rare (UR), which is for the people who are enthusiasts of card collections such as Pokémon Cards which can be sold for thousands of dollars.

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Stickers is an NFT platform powered by the Gene Finance ecosystem and a cross-chain Defi project. As NFTs become an increasingly important tool in the Blockchain industry, Stickers will become an important part of the Gene Finance ecosystem.

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