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Guide to manage stake and provide liquidity

The Stickers NFT platform gives you the opportunity both ways i.e to add liquidity or lets you withdraw and manage stake. You can add Stickers, Earn tinders, and mint NFTs. You can add or withdraw stickers under the head of Genesis.

For Depositing or Withdrawing of Stickers:

STEP 1: Land onto this page and click Unlock Wallet on the top of the Stickers Platform.

STEP 2: After that Select Your Wallet i.e MetaMask and Connect it with the platform. Once your wallet is synced with the Stickers platform, the opportunities open to you.

STEP 3: With Unlocked Wallet, Click on GENESIS, then Click ‘Manage Stats’, then Click Add (+) sign to add token and Minus (-) to withdraw tokens. Genesis > Manage Stats > +/- (as per addition or withdrawal of liquidity). PLUS sign will open ‘Deposit Stickers token’ pop up while Minus Sign will open ‘Withdrawal Stickers Token’ pop up.

STEP 4: Deposit or Withdrawal Stickers tokens TAB will pop up as per your last choice, add the figure you want to be added or withdrawn, and click ‘Confirm.’

STEP 5: Once you click Confirm. You again need to click confirm at popup tab as a double check measure, if you are sure about the transaction, Just proceed and click ‘Confirm’ for the second time.

STEP 6: Congratulations! At the Top Right corner click ‘MVS’, there you can see your added tokens or withdrawn tokens will be subtracted.


How to add liquidity:

Stickers platform is acting as a liquidity bridge between token holders, collectors, and NFTs. Liquidity is the process of adding SKS in the Stickers platform, when you add your MetaMask wallet with the platform, from multiple options available where you can switch in between them and convert them into SKS. To add liquidity, you can find this under the head of GENESIS LP.

STEP 1: Click on the following link and UNLOCK your wallet, and then click on GENESIS LP

STEP 2: Click on ‘Manage Stake’, and then click on ‘Provide Liquidity to Stickers’ on GENEswap.

STEP 3: A window will pop up that will allow you to Pick Up the Token of Own choice and It will let you convert in between different tokens.

STEP 4: When you have entered token value, the value of other will be automatically calculated. Then you can click Supply to add liquidity

STEP 5: Once you have Clicked Supply, You now have to Confirm, When you’ll Click Confirm, a new window will pop up and ask you to reconfirm, that’s a security check if you are sure about your transaction, Hit the ‘Confirm Supply’ Button.

STEP 6: Congratulations! After both confirmations of Supply, You Can check your balance on the same page.

STEP 7: You come back to the main page and click ‘Manage Stake’ to ADD(+) or MINUS (-) to either add or withdraw respectively for ETP-LP tokens.

STEP 8: Adding (+) or withdrawal (-) command as chosen will let the following windows pop up (either Deposit or Withdraw).

STEP 9: Congratulations! Stickers ETP-LP Tokens are Deposited or Withdrawn as per your choice.

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