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Stickers Platform Monthly Report — May 2021

Stickers platform launched the Gene Finance Airdrop on May 10th, 2021 which achieved huge success as most of the people actively participated in the event and artwork auctions. Stickers platform, powered by Gene Finance, launched their liquidity pool on Metaverse blockchain.

The campaign offered the first hundred people a Stickers NFT in the airdrop. The campaign was successful and the first educational blog was written to educate people on what Stickers Platform is and what are NFTs in the blockchain world. The idea was to make people aware of what we are doing. All of these milestones were achieved in Phase-1.

Phase-2 was more focused on the NFT staking pool in which different milestones were achieved. Stickers platform marketing material was prepared in which a marketing poster and a PowerPoint presentation were included. As the Rainbow 6ix AMA was held on 28th May, 150 lucky draws were to be conducted from 17th May till 31st May. A Medium article is to be written on the Rainbow 6ix Lucky Draws.

A Chinese AMA session Crypto pad AMA №6 was conducted on 18th May in which different the scope of Stickers Platform, Artwork and NFT was discussed and how people are taking more interest in NFTs. The AMA with Rainbow 6ix was conducted on 28th May where the feasibility of Crypto Artwork Galleries and NFTs were discussed along with different questions posted by people over social media platforms and in the live session. David answered different questions about how secure NFTs are, and how we can ensure NFT liquidity in the market. The recap blog of the session is available on Medium. Another milestone was achieved this month, the First NFT collection Medium blog was published, the article was about the first NFT which was sold through Stickers platform for the Artwork called “Iron Mars Doge” for 15,000 USDT. The Artwork was created by an artist called Wendi, the artwork was inspired by the sudden price hike in DogeCoin and the involvement of Elon Musk.

Stickers Community bounty program in which 150 free NFTs will be distributed among winners is to be conducted. The program’s design is completed and the team is working on the Medium Article and poster design which will be completed soon. Stickers platform NFT Charity Auction’s Press Release, User Congratulations Videos, and Press Release Poster was completed and rolled out on time.

Different events and new NFTs which are available on the Stickers platform, the article about the Rainbow 6ix AMA, Lucky draw events, new collaborations with the Stickers platform were regularly posted on Twitter. Moreover, information about liquidity farming on Stickers Platform, how many classifications are available for the acceleration cards on the Stickers platform is regularly provided on social media platforms. Stickers Data Volume’s prices were provided on Twitter on 17th May, the opening price was $10, whereas the All-Time High Price was $63 with a rise in its price by 530%. Also, other news of Stickers NFT Data NFT of Level 2–3 were sold out on 18th May along with the Level 4 NFT which was sold out on 21st May. Moreover, on 26th May NFT was sold via Open NFT for 15,000 USDT and was highly valuable because of the enthusiasm of people who supported DogeCoin, its community, and also those people who followed Elon Musk. The all-time high NFT sold by Stickers platform was the ‘Iron Mars Doge’ which was sold for a whopping $258,000 during the charity auction on the 28th of May. The artwork was created by Wendi, the founder of ZUI Design Art Studio.

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Stickers is an NFT platform powered by the Gene Finance ecosystem and a cross-chain Defi project. As NFTs become an increasingly important tool in the Blockchain industry, Stickers will become an important part of the Gene Finance ecosystem.

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