Sticker Swaps: December 2016 Edition

Hello fellow sticker lover! James here.

For some of you, this edition has arrived a little earlier than expected. With Christmas almost upon us, we wanted to make sure that as many of you as possible would receive your stickers in time for the big day !

I want to thank you so much if you are someone who has given us feedback. It’s been super valuable and ultimately you are helping to shape the future of Sticker Swaps! As always, if you have some feedback, we’d love to hear it — just drop us an email to or send us a direct message on Instagram.

Simone and myself run Sticker Swaps because we LOVE stickers and seeing all of the stickers that have come by our office in the past couple of months has made us fall DEEPER! Sometimes it’s really hard to “let go” of some of the stickers that we send out — but when we feel that emotion, we know it’s going to be a good edition!

We have been so humbled by the response we have gotten so far — I want to thank you for being part of this awesome project and helping to make it happen — it means a LOT!

Ok — enough of my rambling — onto this month’s stickers!

Sili — Our December Sponsor

After hearing about us online, we were approached by Sili Sunglasses to sponsor our December box.

For me this was SUPER exciting as Sili are by far my favourite sunglasses brand!

I am always breaking sunglasses, whether it is by sitting on them or simply doing something very stupid whilst wearing them!

Sili make incredible sunglasses that not only look great, in my opinion they are indestructible! If you are in need of new sunglasses, they come highly recommended by me — check them out here:

Sili have been kind enough to send us some of their awesome vinyl stickers to send out — as well as providing us with a pair of fully custom sunglasses that we are going to be giving away!

Stay tuned for more information about the giveaway!

The Cloud Artist

This month’s first sticker comes from German-based retro artist, The Cloud Artist.

I came across The Cloud Artist on Instagram recently and as soon as he found out about our project he wanted to be involved!

Since then he has sent us a huge variety of stickers to go out in our editions (so keep an eye out in your envelopes).

We loved his work so much that we wanted to feature his iconic cloud sticker in this edition. I hope you love it as much as we do. If you don’t, I’ll trade you!

Kawaii Krissy

I’ve been following Instagrammer Kawaii Krissy for a while now and absolutely fell in love with her Kawaii (or “cute”) illustration style.

When Krissy approached us to collaborate on a sticker our answer was of course “yes please!”.

If you love this style you should definitely check out Kawaii Krissy on Instagram.

If you want more of her amazing stickers you can check out her online store here.

David Millar

David is a sticker artists and fellow stationery geek.

Recently when I was taking a look at his website I saw his “Astro Nana” sticker and knew I had to get hold of it and send it out to you.

David is a super creative guy and this sticker design really does say it all. I am still deciding where to stick mine but it’s definitely going pride-of-place!

You can see more of David’s work on his online store — it’s well worth a look!

Live Design Co

As promised last month, November was certainly not going to be the last time we saw artwork from Jay at Live Design Co.

We absolutely love Jay’s design style — you should check out his Instagram which is full of amazing designs and illustrations.

You can also check out Jay’s Dribbble account where you can see more of his work that he does for clients as well as projects that are just for fun!

Sena Kaito

This awesome sticker is designed by Illustrator, Sena Kaito.

I love the Asian / retro culture vibe — definitely my cup of tea!

Sena’s illustrative style is very cool. Everything is very clean and I love the manga / kawaii vibe!

You can see more work by Sena by checking out here online portfolio here — it’s well worth a look!

Let us know what you think of this beautiful sticker!


It’s Christmas!

It wouldn’t be right to send out a December edition without something super Christmassy, and this month our good friend Stabby Gabby has delivered!

We have seen Gabby’s work in past editions and LOVE it!

By day, Gabby is a tattoo artist producing the most incredible artwork on people’s bodies!

By night she makes the most incredible stickers! Once again, I doubt this will be the last we see of Stabby Gabby in our monthly editions!

Check out here Instagram profile here.

The Random Ones

You will, of course, have received some extra stickers in your edition. These are random stickers from the archive — as well as stickers that people have sent over to us to distribute!

As we were putting the boxes together we have seen everything from superheros to cats!

We hope that you love your random stickers!

Keeping It Stocked

For us to be able to send out random stickers, we need to keep our collection well stocked. If you are someone, or indeed know someone, who wants to get their stickers into the hands of subscribers from all around the world, please do get in touch!

Spread The Word!

If you love your stickers (which I hope you do!) please do spread the word about Sticker Swaps on social media using the hashtag #stickerswaps.

It helps us out a LOT!

Thank You

Again, thank you SO much for being part of this exciting journey. I hope you love your stickers!

Please do drop us a message with any feedback —it helps shape the editions!

Until next time!