Sticker Swaps: January 2017 Edition

Hello fellow sticker lover! James here.

It’s January, it’s a new year, we have SO much cool stuff lined up for 2017.

Thanks to everyone who has been interacting with us online, especially on Instagram. We’ve started experimenting with Instagram Live, showing off parts of our sticker collection. That’s been super fun. We will keep the Live sessions coming, so, make sure you are following us on Instagram and stay tuned!

Thanks again if you are someone who has given us feedback. It’s super valuable and ultimately you are helping to shape the future of Sticker Swaps! As always, if you have some feedback, we’d love to hear it — just drop us an email to or send us a direct message on Instagram.

Some of the stuff we have lined up for you this year would blow your mind! Obviously we are keeping things under wraps for now…but — be excited!

We have a great set of featured stickers this month, so, here we go:

Ultra Stickers — Our January Sponsor

Chris from Ultra Stickers got in touch recently super excited about the Sticker Swaps project. Ultra Stickers have an awesome line of stickers designed for Runners & Outdoor Enthusiasts. Their stuff is super cool, and this month you have an awesome campfire sticker from their collection. If you like what you see check out the Ultra Stickers website for more. You can also reach them on Instagram.

Julie Campbell

The first of this month’s artists is Julie Campbell with her “Sassy Cat” sticker. We’ve been following Julie on Instagram for a while now and love her illustration style. We are super excited to be collaborating. I am sure this won’t be the last time! If you want to see more — check out her Etsy store.

Carmen Guerrero

I love this fan art sticker by Carmen Guerrero. Super cool and reminds me of the 90’s. The good old days! Be sure to check out Carmen on Instagram.


As soon as we came across the Instagram profile of Hamburg-based street artist, BESTE, we knew we had to feature one of their designs! For more, check out BESTE’s Instagram profile.


Ok. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be featuring a sticker designed by Dutch street artist, LukeDaDuke. I have know about this guy’s art for more than 10 years. He is a SERIOUSLY prolific street artist — you can see his work in most major cities around Europe, so keep your eyes peeled. I love his iconic dog character. I HOPE and PRAY we will be seeing more designs from him later this year! Follow him on Instagram here.

Matt Boyadjieff

An up-and-coming artist that we met through Instagram, Matt has got a seriously impressive illustrative style that we love. We can’t wait to see what comes next, but for sure, his Instagram is definitely worth a follow!

The Random Ones

As with every edition, you also would have received some extra stickers. These are random stickers from the archive — as well as stickers that people have sent over to us to distribute!

We hope that you love your random stickers and if you want to do a trade with us to help us replenish stocks — just drop us a message!

Spread The Word!

If you love your stickers (which I hope you do!) please do spread the word about Sticker Swaps on social media using the hashtag #stickerswaps.

It helps us out a LOT!

Thank You

Again, thank you SO much for being part of this exciting journey. I hope you love your stickers!

Please do drop us a message with any feedback — it helps shape the editions!

Until next time!