Sticker Swaps: November 2016 Edition

Hello fellow sticker lover! James here.

Thank you so much for being part of turning our little idea into reality!

I’ve had the idea of a sticker subscription in the back of my mind for a long time now. About 10 years ago I was super into the street art scene and build up a huge collection of stickers (some of which you are holding in your hands now!) by doing lots of swaps and trades with artists from around the world. I wanted to replicate that feeling of being excited to receive a mystery envelope full of stickers from around the world — and here we are!

Stickers are such an amazing artform and a great way to put your message across. The culture of stickers is fascinating and the wide range of different treatments that artists and designers give them is incredible.

This whole project is a huge work in progress, we want it to evolve over time based on your feedback — so feel free to drop us a line and give your “two cents”.

Right now the concept is simple. We send ~5 featured stickers per month — these are stickers from selected artists and designers that each subscriber gets. We then send some additional random stickers which are contributed by artists, designers, brands, and bands from around the world. These will be a mixture — and give you the opportunity to receive something unique!

How scaleable is this? I am not sure — so be aware, as Sticker Swaps grows, it may evolve, but as I’ve said — we want YOU to be part of that evolution!

Ok — onto this month’s stickers!

Blackwing — Our November Sponsor

Shortly after our launch we were super excited to have been approached by Blackwing, one of our favourite brands, wanting to sponsor the first edition of Sticker Swaps!

Inside your November edition you will find an awesome Blackwing sticker.

Blackwing make the most incredible pencils — in fact they are widely regarded as the best pencils in the world.

As well as producing a great line of pencils, they bring out special edition pencils several times a year and they really are awesome!

If you haven’t checked them out before, feel free to visit their website at

Blackwing have very kindly provided us with some amazing products that we are going to be giving away — so stay tuned for more info on that!

Live Design Co

This awesome sticker is designed by Jay from Live Design Co in Austin, Texas.

We absolutely love Jay’s design style — his Instagram is just packed full of amazing designs and illustrations.

You can also check out Jay’s Dribbble account where you can see more of his work that he does for clients as well as projects that are just for fun!

Thanks Jay for submitting this amazing design — we hope to be featuring more of Jay’s work in a future edition of Sticker Swaps so make sure you stay tuned for that!

Stabby Gabby

When I first came across “Stabby Gabby” on Instagram I thought to myself — what an amazing name for a tattoo artist!

That’s right, Gabby is a tattoo artist based in Minneapolis. Her tattoo art is simply amazing and it is now 100% on my bucket list to get inked by her before I die!

As well as creating amazing tattoos she has a sizeable line of stickers on her Etsy store — well worth checking out if you are keen for more.

This is definitely not the last you will see of Gabby on Sticker Swaps — that’s for sure!


Jazz is a designer, illustrator and “creator of stuff” based in London, England.

She creates the most amazing stickers, pins, and other cool things that you definitely will want in your life.

We absolutely love this sticker which is a huge hat tip to retro gaming — just looking at it takes me back to the 90's!

Check out her Instagram for a constant stream of creativity and inspiration!

Jazz also has an Etsy store which is well worth a visit!


Continuing on the theme of retro gaming, this awesome sticker is by Montreal-based artist, Mictoon.

Mictoon has an AMAZING illustration style — you should definitely check out his Instagram feed. It’s full of visual delights!

I just wish I had this guy’s talent!

He also has an Etsy store selling incredible sticker packs — so if you are hungry for more it’s well worth a visit!

Sarah Johnson

This cute little sticker is designed by my good friend Sarah Johnson.

Sarah came to work in my creative agency as an intern a couple of summers ago and we have been working on projects together ever since.

She is a super talented designer based in Cardiff.

I hope we will be seeing more sticker designs from her in future editions of Sticker Swaps! Stay tuned!

The Random Ones

You will have, of course, received some extra stickers which are random stickers — many of which from my personal collection that I have been hoarding for many years!

I hope that they will bring you as much joy as they have brought me!

Keeping It Stocked

Obviously for us to be able to send out random stickers, we need to keep our collection well stocked. So if you are someone, or indeed know someone, who wants to get their stickers into the hands of subscribers from all around the world, please do get in touch!

Spread The Word!

If you love your stickers (which I hope you do!) please do spread the word about Sticker Swaps on social media using the hashtag #stickerswaps.

It helps us out a LOT!

Thank You

Again, thank you SO much for being part of this exciting journey. I hope you love your stickers!

Catch you next month!