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Improving the mobile experience — on desktop

We’re proud to have built a ‘mobile-first’ experience for the smartphone generation. Still, plenty of people use Facebook on their laptop and click-through to Stickyretail stores, and most of our customers build+test their Stickyretail store on desktop too. So we did some work to make Stickyretail stores look better no matter the device. The most noticeable change is the ‘floating cart’:

‘360 degree’ customer view

We show everything we know about your customer’s “cross user sector” (the data we share between our customers, you):

Use this to get in direct contact with a customer to clarify their order or their address.

Build a contact form

You can now build a contact form in seconds.

Your contact form creates an event of type MESSAGE, which emails you what was submitted. You can see these events in the dashboard.

Get social — share your applications or your store

Sharing applications and Stickyretail stores on social media is important to our customers. We made these links look better:

Next we’ll make the preview show the name and logo of your application. More to follow.

Colour picker

Do you have a favourite hex triplet? Same here, but we’re not like everyone else. We added a cute colour picker to the dashboard’s application view:

You can still paste in your specific colour below the colour picker.

A simpler user experience for Stickyretail

We made the dashboard delightfully simple for Stickyretail users who’ll never build applications. Tell us you want this when you sign up:

Don’t email us; we’ll email you

You are now sent an email when specific events happen, currently SESSION_CART_PAY and MESSAGE. This work allowed us to further automate the refund process. There's now a refund button in the dashboard's payment view:

There’s more!

  • We added warnings when your ‘Successful payment’ message includes a field that isn’t covered by your ‘Checkout questions’, and when a product has 0 stock
  • You can now add more ‘virtual sticker’s (‘links’) — just hit ‘+ Link’
  • New stickers, applications and products now have nicer names like ‘New sticker’, instead of a raw ID number
  • The default application code now uses ‘Client logic’, making it just that bit quicker to get started writing your application
  • When you create an application, we now copy your user logo URL to the new application
  • You can now buy stickers (and merch) on desktop
  • You can now click the URL of an image/video in the product view to go to it
  • We removed an application currency — it didn’t do anything
  • We improved the session (customer) list, showing you when the customer was last active

Bug fixes

  • We couldn’t make it possible to checkout from ‘truly custom’ domains (* etc), so we gave you a fixed list of domains that work
  • We now correctly pick up previous answers to ‘cross user sector’ questions (name/email etc on checkout), speeding up the checkout flow for customers checking out a second time
  • Code in ‘Client logic’ and ‘Routing logic’ is syntax highlighted with HTML+embedded JS/CSS, not pure JS
  • We fixed the endless ‘spinning wheel’ if you connected a product to a sticker, assigned a ‘product’ application to that sticker, deleted the product then visited the sticker’s URL


  • We now serve our SDK using gzip and enabled gzip on all plain text static files (speeding up all of your applications)
  • We enabled HTTP2 on our load balancer allowing us to serve you more requests at once
  • We set the right cache headers so your browser makes fewer requests to us
  • We enabled HSTS so your browser doesn’t try to connect to HTTP before redirecting to HTTPS — this is both a security and performance improvement
  • We lazy load fonts, improving the visual load speed

These improvements make your applications load+feel faster and improve their search engine rank.

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