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The experience at Lauriston Girls’ School of remote learning implementation during COVID-19

Jaclyn Rooney
Apr 16 · 9 min read
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As a result of Lauriston’s success, Owen recommends that leadership at other schools seriously consider building a remote learning environment with video conference at its core.

What does remote learning look like at Lauriston?

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Timeline: How Lauriston implemented remote learning

Late January 2020 — Early warning

Late February 2020 — Preparing for the worst

Early March — Getting ready

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Mid-March — This is happening

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Implementing Zoom at Lauriston

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Owen’s tips for success

Tip #1: Invest in staff preparation

Tip #2: Don’t forget to prepare students too

Tip #3: Appreciate that the transition will take time

Tip #4 Maintain engagement remotely

Tip #5: Maintain work and behaviour expectations

Tip #6: Reduce workload

Tip #7: Stick with chosen tools

Tip #8: Success is a team effort


Next steps

Resources for school principals and leadership

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