Running your first Cosmos Lesson

Daniel Pikler
Jan 30, 2017 · 2 min read

So you’ve signed up to Cosmos Lessons, decided which unit you’d like to run and copied it into your Stile account. You’re excited and ready to run the unit with your class. It’s show time!

In this post, I’ll run you through how I suggest you run your first class using Cosmos Lessons.

First, let’s start with your pre-class checklist:

  • Make sure all students bring their devices (charged!)
  • Print out the model answers for the unit, or have them loaded on a tablet (optional)
  • Bring your own computer and connect it to the data projector

Driiing! There goes the bell! The students have filed into class and have settled down at their desks, ready to go. Let’s rock ’n’ roll!

First 5 minutes

To start with, I provide students with a general overview of the Cosmos Lessons unit. I use my computer here to help point out any key features at the front of the class.

Then I enrol my students. I do this by clicking on the “Students” button in the top-right of the page, which then displays a simple two-step instruction for them.

Next, I click “Lessons” (next to “Students”) and navigate to the first lesson of the unit (called “Introduction”), and open up any live polls that might be there.

Finally, I go to the Analytics page, which will be my home base for the lesson and proceed to help any students that have yet to log in.

Most of the class

Once the students have started I monitor class progress from the analytics page, click on the names of individual students to see their work in real-time, and walk around giving students a hand.

Often, at juncture points, I’ll ask the students to stop working and have class discussions around key concepts. One of my favourite things to do here is to put student work up on the projector and have an open discussion around their responses.

Last 5 minutes

Once the end of the class is approaching I’ll often set the rest of the lesson they are working on as homework, and set an appropriate due date in Stile.

After the class

This is when I use Stile’s Markbook to have a look at all student responses and leave them feedback.

That’s it! Best of luck with it and I hope that you and your students have some fun. To get cracking just log back into Stile:

In future posts, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the capabilities of Stile, including how to modify Cosmos Lessons units, how to create your own Stile lessons, differentiation and more.

Until next time,

Danny Pikler
(Science Teacher @ Stile)

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