Single Sign-on with Office 365 and Stile

Starting today, we’re delighted to announce that teachers and students will be able to create Stile accounts and log in using their Microsoft Office 365 account. In addition, those taking advantage of Microsoft OneDrive to store their files can access those files from directly within Stile.

What does that mean for me?

For one thing, less time is wasted in the classroom. Single sign-on technology means you and your students only have to remember the one password (often it’s the one you use to login to your computer), not a separate one for Stile. Even more exciting — if you’ve already logged into your computer or another Office 365 service, you probably won’t even need to type your password in again — you’ll be securely and automatically logged in!

We hope this means less time is lost with the inevitable forgotten and mistyped passwords that tend to be a staple at the start of a lesson.

How does it work?

Just click “Sign in with Microsoft”.

What about OneDrive?

Stile is an excellent way to pull work students do in other apps together in one place for marking and to form part of their digital portfolio. Apps in the Office 365 ecosystem can save directly to OneDrive instead of to the local hard drive. This makes sense: it saves local storage space and makes sure files are available from anywhere, anytime. Stile’s new integration with OneDrive allows students to choose files from OneDrive for submission to their teacher as an alternative to uploading a file from their hard drive. Similarly, teachers can share or embed their OneDrive files within their Stile lessons for delivery to students.

The techie stuff — A note for school administrators

If you are using an on-premises Active Directory server, you’ll likely need to federate it with Microsoft’s Azure (cloud-based) Active Directory service to take advantage our new single sign-on integration. If your school is already using our existing Active Directory integration, we very much encourage you to migrate to this one ASAP, as it is more robust and we’ll be actively developing capabilities around it.

Final Thought

We’ve been really impressed with the level of innovation coming out of Microsoft lately — their devices, operating system and extensive cloud tools are improving rapidly and, in our opinion, are great tools for the classroom. Over the coming year, we’ll be looking at ways we can integrate even more deeply with Office 365 to provide a rich experience to teachers and students alike.