Using Stile as a remote blended learning tool

Jaclyn Rooney
Mar 13 · 3 min read

Tips for using Stile in a remote setting

Stile is designed to be used as a blended learning tool, with the teacher as a facilitator. If using Stile to teach students remotely, we highly recommend using it in conjunction with video conferencing software.

Read this article for step-by-step instructions on the tips below.

Release lessons

Like you normally would, you can release a single lesson or multiple lessons to your students. Depending on your plan, you can release lesson-by-lesson as your students complete them, or all the lessons you plan to cover in a week or over the entire closure period.

Set due dates
You can set due dates on each lesson so that students know when certain lessons are due. Once you assign a due date, this will appear on each student’s home page and any overdue lessons will be highlighted. This article describes how to set due dates.

Use Class discussion
If your students are working on the same lesson at the same time, using Class discussion is a fantastic way for students to collaborate, ask questions and discuss points raised. Class discussion is a lesson-specific chat room that you have complete control over — you can open or close it any time and can delete any comments that go off track. Have a read of this article for more information.

Monitor progress and leave feedback
Particularly when you aren’t physically in the classroom with your students, it’s important to monitor how they are progressing through the lesson, make sure they’re on track, catch any misconceptions and, if time allows, give them targeted feedback. ‘Teach Mode’ makes it easy to monitor all of this in real-time. Sharing your screen with students via video-conferencing software during the lesson can help them to follow along as well.

Add video and audio clips
To add a personal touch to your lessons and highlight key points, you can include your own video and audio clips. This article details recording audio clips directly through Stile and this article describes uploading videos from your laptop onto Stile via the video widget.

COVID-19 resources and remote teaching strategies

Click here for further resources on COVID-19 and remote teaching strategies.

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