Transformational Products

The English translation of the bestseller by Matthias Schrader is now available.

In May 2017 the book “Transformationale Produkte” by Matthias Schrader was published, which quickly established itself as a bestseller at Amazon. Now the English edition is also available. It can be ordered from Amazon and booksellers everywhere. In the UK, the book will be published at the end of December. The translation is by Tim Cole.

Here is the short description:

In his new book Matthias Schrader, co-founder and CEO of SinnerSchrader, turns the digital transformation from head to toe. Whoever starts the digital transformation at the company has already lost. In the meantime, digital products from companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are conquering the everyday life of users. They successfully penetrate sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail and automotive. Many companies are in danger of losing their relationship with their customers. They become interchangeable. Matthias Schrader deciphers the code behind the Transformational Products, with which Google & Co. successfully reshape entire markets. The book also provides a playbook for the successful development of Transformational Products in the corporate context. In the end, it bridges the gap between product development and the digital transformation of companies. Transformational Products turn classic marketing into a legacy and thus from a solution to a problem. The weapons of advertising (promotion), distribution (place) and pricing policy (price) have become blunt. Digitisation is a huge challenge for the product, the fourth P in the marketing mix. The focus on the product as a success factor forces companies to focus on the concrete value-added contribution for their customers.

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