The Stay-at-home Blanket

“I used to be a neglected thing. Forgotten, covered with dust, and expendable.”

by Joanna Rutkowska

Photo by Joanna Rutkowska.

I used to be a neglected thing. Forgotten, covered with dust, and expendable. I thought I spent years in the wardrobe exile due to my shameful origins. My friends in misery, all made in China, persuaded me that by having the Mexican label, I contributed to straining the already overworked hands of underpaid seamstresses. To remove the attached stigma, I enabled my clothing tag to fade as it kept the memory of my dubious roots.

Then suddenly, the pandemic broke out. There was tension in the air. I did not know what was happening at first. The apprehensions grew darker. The proximity of my owner was more frequent — I could hear the relaxing music from behind the wardrobe door and catch the light of the desk lamp through the crack between the door leaves. I was thrilled! Then, one day, I saw the sun! A miracle! I was pleased to let myself be shaken off and laid carefully down on the grass. And that is how my home career began!

I am versatile, and I am proud of it. I am excellent in the role of a yoga mat. Being a blend of different materials — cotton, acrylic, and polyester — makes me thick and provides exceptional warmth and cushioning. I am simultaneously soft and firm — try me out! As it is easy to roll me up, I am not annoying to store. For personal reasons, I appreciate the collaboration with a spiritual meditation cushion. To avoid stains (which are a plague) I welcome barefoot practice.

I am also pretty good at covering. I bet that I can warm even the coldest body. You can wear me as a scarf, jacket, or a dress. My bright colors and diamond-shaped patterns perfectly contrast with the setting sun or the glow of a burning fire. Honestly, at the risk of sounding a little immodest, I improve the aesthetics of most places.

I do not complain about my everyday life anymore. Relaxed, fit, and feeling refreshed, I am convinced that I can withstand years of using and washing. After being in a state of limbo, my owner now cares for me — I am lucky! ¡Viva Corona!


Still Processing is a collection of work from the participants of the two-week 2021 Design Writing & Research Summer Intensive at the School of Visual Arts. For more information about our Summer Intensive as well as our two-semester Master’s program, please visit our website or email us at



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