Group Statement

“Routines changed when the pandemic hit. In quiet and isolation, many of us paused to reevaluate our lives, asking, “What actually matters?” We began to notice what had been previously overlooked, and had time to consider bold moves inspired by new truths.

As the pandemic drags on, many of us are still caught in the middle of a transformation, filled with the potential for change, yet yearning for the comforts of the familiar. Frankly, we are still processing.”

— Summer Intensive, Class of 2022

Transformation and transition permeates the work of the participants of the 2021 Design Writing & Research Summer Intensive, who spent two fast-paced weeks experimenting with a variety of writing genres. From profiles informed by interviews with renowned designers, to essays on objects that acquired new meaning during the pandemic, fictional dialogues inspired by observation and research, exhibition reviews, op-eds, and audio transcripts exploring the nuances of writing for the ear, Still Processing features work as diverse as the students who came together from around the world to offer their voice to this collective composition.

Thank you to Emma Linh, Vicki Teinaki, Killeen Hanson, and Katherine Guimapang for design and editorial help!



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SVA MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism

SVA MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism

We’re a two-semester MA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City dedicated to the study of design, its contexts and consequences. Aka DCrit. ✏️🔍💡