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Sep 11 · 4 min read
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Over 5000 artists around the world now work hard and play hard at Stipop.

Chat stickers have become one of the most powerful and essential parts of our daily life. It will even be harder to find someone who does not use any chat stickers.

However, the entry barrier to become an official sticker artist to a certain platform is still such a pain in the ass — you have to go through the upload process of each one of those different platforms.

Team Stipop has come up with a solution for these writers’ concerns and current inefficiencies and is providing an environment where artists can focus on creating better quality content.

Stipop is a global sticker platform where creators, including artists, designers, or cartoonists in many fields, can represent their artwork.

When artists upload their stickers on Stipop, those stickers become available on messengers including WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook messenger, and Instagram DM. More platforms are going to be added to the list. Once stickers are on board, artists can easily find their new fans in any other countries, too.

Artists always wonder who their fans are. Stipop provides visual data of where stickers are used. How many fans you have, which continent your stickers are popular, or how much you earn this month… Artists will know how their stickers are doing. They eventually get connected with their existing fans and find their new fans — through Stipop.

(Are you an artist who is strongly interested in creating stickers? Or is it what you are doing already? Please continue to read!) Make your stickers become famous through Stipop. Upload yours and users will become your fans once they find them. If you only create characters, consider converting them to still stickers or animated stickers.

If you upload stickers on Stipop, your stickers can be used by 2 million people around the world! About 5,000 sticker artists are already working with Stipop to sell and promote their characters.

You can download the Stipop app for free on App Store and Google Play Store. Let’s take a look at some key features.


Stipop recommends customized stickers to make daily conversations more fun.

New stickers are curated every day on home screen. Get recommendations from the Stipop team for customized stickers, including stickers of new artists, stickers for today’s weather, situational stickers, food stickers and so on! Click on your favorite curation box to download the sticker pack.

What is my sticker taste?

The more you play on the Stipop app, the more detailed your sticker taste is analyzed by the algorithm of Stipop. After analyzing your favorite topics, moods, and so on, the Stipop app recommends stickers that you like. I’m sure that you will say, ‘Oh, I need to download this!’


If you are a sticker artist, this feature is essential for you.

Click on the Ranking tab to see the sticker download ranking. You can search by sticker, theme, and artist. This ranking is updated 24 hours a day in real time.

As this ranking targets people all over the world, you can download more trendy and fun emoticons. Sticker artists can also get insight when designing characters and producing sticker packs by referring to popular stickers.


In Stipop, you can discover sticker pack that fits your situation by hashtag. Is today your friend’s birthday? Search the ‘birthday’ hashtag on Stipop to find sticker packs that contain birthday-related stickers and find the best sticker that your friend would love!

Do you have a favorite sticker artist? Search by artist name on the Discover tab and see all the stickers of the artist!


The best way to support your favorite artist.

Did you find a sticker pack that you like? You can press the red heart ♥ button to remember the sticker pack you like. This can be found again on the Like tab of My Page so that you can download and browse your favorite sticker pack at any time later.

You can subscribe your favorite artists, leave comments, and communicate with them on the Stipop app. On the sticker download page, click the ‘Following’ button at the bottom of the sticker name. You can receive notifications of your favorite artist’s new artworks.

In addition, you can leave comments and cheer your favorite artists on this page. You can get a chance to communicate with global artists from South Korea, Russia, Brazil and so on.

Now, let’s download the sticker pack! Click the Download button and select in two options: Buy Sticker Pack and support artist or Watch an Ad to get stickers

Ready to make your daily conversations more fun with some stickers of your taste?



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