STIPS|FinTech Token Sale Strategy Update

STIPS UTILITY token generation event started on November 15 on the dedicated platform. Currently our team is focused on investment transactions with private institutional investors. In this connection we have made a strategic decision to issue STIPS securities. Thus, our project will have two tokens: STIPS security and STIPS utility.

Security Token Offering (STO) represents a right to participate in company management and a right to a share of profit in the form of dividends. Using smart contracts and blockchain a start-up can give up on a traditional initial public offering (IPO) and issue equities on a blockchain instead. At the same time each buyer of such tokens will have actual equities. STO is being discussed across the globe as a new milestone of the digital economy and attracts attention of millions of investors who are waiting for a chance to invest in truly reliable projects in a safe, transparent way and in accordance with the requirements of the global regulators. STIPS security unleashes the floodgates for such people and prepares to become one of the most popular tokens on the emerging market of digital securities.

What will happen with existing STIPS utility tokens? They will still be the core of the STIPS|FinTech ecosystem, will be traded on exchange and used as a reward for our community. For their convenient distribution on December 07, 2018 we will issue all the volume of tokens to our official public wallet that will be used for further sale and airdrop of STIPS-utilities. Stay tuned with our official channels and STIPS website.