The Chase or The Strategy

As my label continues to grow after 7 years I recently sat down with my co-founders and went over the goals we had set and to create new goals for 2017. I came to realize that in the beginning what continues to make our company successful is a) the people and b) The Strategy. Our team, the people, continues to set goals for themselves and partner with the overall company goals to achieve success but the strategy part of it I realized sometimes is more of a chase then a plan and led me to think about this for the past few days.

The chase, in my opinion, is the dream and the strategy is the reality and I notice that in the beginning we had set a plan, the strategy, but it was fueled by the dream. Now everything is more of a strategy where: we can’t make an error, we need to know all the in’s and outs, understand the problem and so on. The dream is there still but I felt the chase had ended, mainly because we acheived the original goals,and at first I thought this is was the next level in our business but it something was missing.

The Dream is there still but I felt the chase had ended

The chase always seemed to me as bad planning, we did everything from the hip and prayed it all work out and it did. Naturally the advice I have been giving out has been to be prepared and not to be on the run, the chase. I felt as I needed to warn artist/friends about the pitfalls I suffered from the chase but when I look back I realize that a healthy balance is a bit of both. Luck has played a great part of our success but because we position ourselves in those positions and had the passion to dream and take the leap we have been very blessed to still be here. So go on and live….