All Hail the Os!

Olivia Quinn Davila
Oct 6, 2016 · 3 min read
Campbell’s SpaghettiOs / Photo by Olivia Davila

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s simple definition of soup: a food made by cooking vegetables, meat, or fish in a large amount of liquid.

Logically, it would make sense that the definition of soup should have evolved into something that surpasses how a Viking would have defined it during their time of reign, but this is apparently not the case.

Even so, I refuse to believe that my childhood snack should be labeled as anything other than soup. I have faithfully regarded it as such for the past 14 years and doubt that anyone or anything is going to change my mind.

But to the skeptics who may need further convincing, let me share a fun fact with you, Campbell’s manufactures my tasty dish and we all know that they pretty much set the standard for what soup is and is not. So if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

Now, at this point you’ve likely guessed which lovely, over-processed Campbell’s product I am referring to, but if you have not, it is the magnificent, faithful SpaghettiOs!

Comprising roughly a third of what my diet has consisted of during the ages of 6 through 20 the fun-loving SpaghettiO have obviously been successful in holding a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to see past the imperfections of a soup that wants only to embrace you with everything it has.

For instance, I have fond memories of my mother giving me a sideways glance and scrunching up her nose when the tomato-y aroma reached her. She would attempt to further push her thoughts by adding a comment similar to, “Oh god, not that again.” Knowing full well she would remain a nonbeliever in the magic of SpaghettiOs, my reaction was usually a look of boredom and indifference toward her opinion of my meal.

Image from page 208 of “The Saturday evening post” (Photo by Internet Archive Book Images / flickr)

I admit, my response lacked tact. But, after so long, why should I care about her opinion regarding my soup? SpaghettiOs were easy, delicious and only required me to press buttons on a microwave.

Still, I am not ignorant to the fact that my can of Os are not the most glamorous, awe inspiring of the soups when compared to the vast assortment of chowders and stews circulating in stores.

In that respect I can empathize with my mother, SpaghettiOs are arguably gross and in terms of nutrition earn a less than ideal score, why would I continue buying them when there are infinitely better options available to me?

Well, I continue because Os do not draw attention or give off a prideful vibe to those around you. It is a humble soup, one that embraces a simple idea and lends itself to bringing ease to those who partake in it. Plus, they’re cheap and being a poor, sleep deprived college student who usually leaves a store with my soup cans, chocolate milk, Oreos, organic baby carrots [for the inner health nut in me] and a Redbox movie, they just make sense to buy.

Nevertheless, I have managed to ignore the naysayers, my mother, thus far. There is still a deep appreciation maintained for the simplicity of the product and I still continue to feel a tinge of excitement when it has been a long day and I discover a SpaghettiOs can in the cabinet. I love knowing that my lack of cooking abilities has no effect on the outcome of my meal. My SpaghettiOs are nothing special but they my day a little easier when it needs to be and I appreciate them for that.

A narration of All Hail the O!

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