Chicken Tortilla Soup

Photo: Elsie Hui (Via Flickr)

There is no soup that beats chicken tortilla soup. The ingredients in it range from good to great, but the constants are the incredible taste that it possesses.

Chicken tortilla soup’s origins are traced all the way back to Mexico, where you can often find the best version of the soup. You can imagine that I was in heaven when I travelled to Mexico in December and had all-you-can-eat chicken tortilla soup at my disposal. I always tried to order it whenever I had the chance to there.

My family and I in Mexico this past December

Even when I am at Mexican restaurants here in Arizona or anywhere else in the country, it is the first thing that pops into my mind when contemplating what to order.

Like I said, everything in the soup is very good, but it is the key ingredients that make it what it is. The chicken, usually all white meat, captains the exquisite taste, and it is backed up by the tortilla strips, which can get soggy, but usually maintain some crunchiness. It is truly the perfect complement to the chicken. Of course, the rich tomato broth base is the backbone of the soup. The soup would not be what it is without it. It is really much more than a broth when you come to think of it.

Photo by Raul (Via Flickr)

Everything else added in is secondary. Often times cheese, tomatoes, onions, and sour cream can be found in many recipes of chicken tortilla soup. It is frequently hard to taste these, and I usually don’t think much of them when I’m consuming the soup.

I have enjoyed chicken tortilla soup since I was a little kid. Other soups, such as chicken noodle and minestrone, have come close to rivaling it in terms of what they bring to the table, but alas they will never surpass it in my heart. My favorite soup is chicken tortilla, and I do not anticipate there will ever be another one.

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