Clam Chowder Delight

Photo taken from Flickr (Creative Commons). Photo by: LWYang.

While soup is definitely not one of my favorite foods, if I had to choose something I would say that my favorite soup is clam chowder.

I especially like to have a good bowl of clam chowder on a cold winter’s day when I feel that it can warm me up from the inside out.

To be honest, I can’t remember the first time that I ever tried clam chowder, but I do know that it was my grandmother who introduced it to me when I was a young child.

Although I cannot pinpoint an exact time when my love of clam chowder began, I am pretty sure that it started when my grandmother used to take my sister and myself for lunches at Red Lobster or other seafood restaurants.

Photo taken from Flickr (Creative Commons). Photo by: Conal Gallagher.

Both of my parents have always worked full-time jobs, so most of the time when my sister and I were young, they would be gone during the days as they were both at work.

In the summertime between the school years, instead of hiring a babysitter or placing us in camps, my parents used to have my two sets of grandparents come over to our house to sit with us.

My maternal grandparents both came from Italy. As a good, old-fashioned Italian grandmother or “nonna”, she always used to cook for my sister and I, and we hardly ever went out to eat with them for lunches when they babysat us.

However, with my paternal set of grandparents, it was nearly the complete opposite. While my maternal, Jewish grandmother could, of course, cook, she preferred to eat out with us and my grandfather. Furthermore, one of her favorite types of food is fish. So, I know that it was on one of these outings for lunch where I first tried and came to love clam chowder.

Since that time, it has always been among my favorite appetizers to indulge in whenever I visit a seafood restaurant.

Why do I love it so much? Well, I really don’t know per se. However, I suppose that the obvious answer would be that I just think that it tastes very good.

I particularly enjoy the rich, creamy texture of the soup. As I stated previously, even though I am not a big fan of soup in general, the ones I do tend to enjoy are the creamier ones.

I also am a big fan of potatoes as well- in a wide variety of formats. So, that, in combination with the creamy and rich broth of the chowder, makes clam chowder a hit with my taste buds.

After writing this piece now, I am actually beginning to crave some clam chowder right now. I am actually wondering where in Phoenix might be the best place to get some. Although, even though I eat clam chowder year-round, I tend to associate my favorite soup with the winter time and cold weather in general. Thus, I don’t know how I would feel eating it in the middle of the desert in Phoenix. I guess there’s only one way to find out!

Photo Blend. Soup photo taken from Flickr (Creative Commons). Photo by: pointnshoot. Rain photo by: Tim Johns
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